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Hello, I'm Richard Moss, Welcome to my website! Thanks for coming by – it's always warming to receive a visit from long-time customers, old friends and new visitors.

I have been a theatre, radio, television, film and voice actor for more than forty years and in that time I have recorded perhaps thousands of commercials, short stories, narrations, plays, telephone, in store and community service messages.

Chances are that you have heard my voice at some time or other, but you would be unlikely to recognise it, since I specialise in a very wide range of character and corporate voices, each  with individual characteristics.

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Joker Game

This beautifully filmed and scripted movie was shot in Singapore and Batam Island Indonesia. The leading actor Kazuya Kamenashi is never short of magnificent, and the masterly direction of Yu Irie will be experienced throughout. Supporting roles, among others, from British actor Richard Shelton, and Australian actors, Jasper Bagg and Richard Moss. I have worked on many films and television productions, but working on this film was special in so many ways. From the wonderful Japanese film crew, I learned that many seemingly impossible tasks can be achieved by team work and determination, from the stunt people, I saw new, brave and highly skilled work. The experience of working for director Yu Irie (first time for me) was a particular joy. Japanese movie Joker Game premiers January 31st 2015 in Tokyo.

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